Moringa seed essence, women's natural skin care products.

Issuing time:2020-08-26 11:12

          Moringa oleifera, native to the Himalayan Mountains in northern India, is the main source of nutrition for the local elderly vegetarians. Western scientists praise it as the "tree of miracles", which is a very precious gift given to human beings by God. Nobel laureate professor brubel praised her as the perfect plant (Discovery Health Channel) )So far, one of the most abundant nutrients found in plants is thought to be human. It contains essential amino acids for human body (including 8 kinds of essential amino acids needed by human body), rich protein, various vitamins, precious rare trace elements, various minerals, etc.; it is of great help to vegetarians in advanced countries. The flowers are like orchids, and the leaves have a unique aroma after drying. The seeds are eaten like ginseng, which is sweet after bitter. The root is the pungent part, so the Chinese call it "spicy wood".


Natural detoxification, no side effects


It is said that the drug is three parts toxic, do you take Paidu Yangyan capsule also form resistance?

Moringa oleifera seed is a pure natural plant, detoxification, beauty. Moringa seed is rich in a variety of trace elements necessary for human body, trace elements dredge circulation system, help detoxification! Alkaloids promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and defecation, and help the human body to eliminate constipation and toxins!


Remove freckles, protect liver

Pigment deposits on the surface of the skin, part of which is caused by endocrine disorders. On the other hand, modern people have great pressure and bad living habits, which can easily lead to liver pressure, poor blood flow and long color spots. Moringa seed vitamins, proteins and so on have a very good role in protecting the liver, long-term use of melatonin effect.

Natural slimming, healthy woman

Moringa seed contains a kind of leucine, which has a good auxiliary effect on weight loss. It is specially designed for women to lose weight.

Natural moisturizing, big brand recognition

Moringa seed is also very good at water retention. It can grow in the harsh environment of extreme arid areas, because it contains active ingredients that can hold water. No wonder international beauty is so optimistic about Moringa seed.

Invigorating spleen and enriching blood

A woman's face depends on Qi and blood. Moringa seed has a good moisturizing effect on women, because it dominates the heart meridian and liver meridian, while the heart governs blood and liver stores blood. Therefore, it has the functions of nourishing blood, activating blood, tonifying blood, promoting blood circulation, regulating blood and so on. In other words, Moringa seed has a two-way regulatory effect on women's blood.

Antioxidant and younger than red wine

Moringa seed is also rich in amino acids, 8 kinds of amino acids can not be synthesized by human body, which has the effect of delaying aging and nourishing skin.


 Moringa cream is extracted from natural Moringa oleifera extract, contains vitamins, glycerides, high protein and unsaturated fatty acids. It has mild and clear texture, and is skin friendly, refreshing, non greasy, moisturizing, concealing, nourishing multiple effects, repairing skin, moisturizing skin, anti fog and haze, and resisting computer radiation, and helps you create beautiful skin.

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